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The Difference Between Black PE Bag With Cellophane Tape Bag

Edit:Shenzhen Asuwant Plastic Packaging Co.,LtdUpDate:Jan 26, 2016

In the process of the production of plastic bags, the color is defined as varied, different colors of PE plastic bags, the added ingredient is different, of course, for people's health, these with a mysterious plastic bags are there is controversy. Let's start with two white and transparent plastic bags, for example.
What kind of bag is white and transparent quality will be better? Or safer for people? Actually simple said, according to the analysis of color preference of white plastic bags to be more popular, the quality is relatively transparent PE bag is better, this is because the white plastic bags are usually out of use after reduction of renewable materials preparation, do not have too much harm. But the white plastic bag is not perfect, because during in production of plastic bags have also joined some powder and additives, therefore still exists not security, compared with the transparent plastic bags, white plastic bags security is much lower.
And black plastic bags, because at the time of production depends on the carbon black color can be fixed, therefore its impurities and harmful ingredients must be a little higher, in general it is not environmental protection. And inferior black plastic bags are used for dying in garbage bags, so its quality index can want to know, so don't recommend choose black PE bag for everyday.
Whether black transparent PE plastic bags. The definition of food and store safety are the same, unless you are using polyethylene to make plastic bags, or are not suitable for storage of food; If you want to eat, you should choose to have food safety logo bag products, because only in this way, to ensure personal health oh!