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Why Jewelers Prefer To Superwave Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

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1.Laser welding does not require any solders. To build an area up you use the same material as the piece you are working on.

2.A laser weld is very clean and leaves no firescale or discolouration, therefore less clean up is required, no pickling. 

3.A laser weld is very precise and heats and cools in a fraction of a second. This allows you to confidently weld up to 0.1mm next to a heat sensitive stone, making re-tipping fairly easy. 

4.Some of the other benefits of controllable heat are you can repair spring joints without losing tension; repair fine chains without runoff; repair costume jewellery and work on previously repaired jobs without the concern of undoing other solder joins. 

5.Many repair jobs are a lot easier with a laser and you are able to repair jobs you would normally turn away e.g. eyeglasses frames, stainless steel watch bands, fine chain repairs, heat sensitive pendants, broken stone settings etc. Keeping some of these repairs in house might help to hang onto valued customers. 

6.A laser can weld virtually any metal as well as welding two dissimilar metals together. This can open the door to new designs. A laser can weld: Yellow Golds, White Golds, Rose Gold, Platinum, Paladium, Silver, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Costume Jewellery. 

7.A lot of jewellers working with cast metal have a laser to quickly and easily repair porosity. Once done the repair is invisible. 

8.As a laser weld is a clean fusing process unlike PUKs, the welds are 3 times stronger than conventional solder. 

9.Many jewellers comment the biggest benefit for them is that it has the ability to get them out of trouble on certain jobs. It is hard to put a value on this, but it really helps when you have that custom job you need to get out quickly and a laser is the only answer. 

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