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The role and scope of the vacuum bag

Edit:Shenzhen Asuwant Plastic Packaging Co.,LtdUpDate:Jul 24, 2015

Also known as decompression vacuum packaging, is based on the principle of atmospheric pressure, the main role of the vacuum bag is oxygen, in order to help prevent food spoilage or deterioration. Vacuum packaging is to package food bags and oxygen within the cell by pumping deprived, so that microbial processes lose "living environment". Vacuum also prevents oxidation of food, so the food does not taste, deterioration to reduce the loss of vitamin A and C.

Inflatable packaging vacuum is drawn in the vacuum, and then filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases. Nitrogen is an inert gas, from the filling, so that the vacuum bag to maintain a positive pressure to prevent the bag outside air into the bag of food play a protective role. Carbon dioxide inhibit mold, spoilage bacteria and other microbial activity role. Some, such as crispy or crunchy food, deformation take the oil in food, there are sharp edges or high hardness can puncture the vacuum bag and other food, after filling the vacuum packaging, vacuum bag inflatable bag outside pressures greater than atmospheric pressure, can effectively prevent food compression crushing, deformation, and does not affect the appearance of bags and printing and decorating. With the promotion and development of small supermarket vacuum packed, its scope will be more widespread, some will gradually replace the rigid packaging.